January 9th, 2003

aquatic, the life

the charm of mke

there are a few pictures that laura took last night when we [evan mellosonic, stephanie impossible, laura maumau and an lj boy whose name i don't remember] went to see michael tonydanza dj. his record collection MADE ME DROOL more than any other boy's record collection that i have ever seen. honestly, i gasped out loud far too many times. too bad the music wasn't being played super loud and the bar was kind of super obnoxious loud in addition to being super smoky. the combination of these facts with the fact evan and i were in the car far too long on the drive from toledo to mke made + the fact that everyone with us was feeling sick/tired, resulted in us leaving way early. this made aaron thefuckingvold and jon jond disappointed. oh bother.

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