January 7th, 2003

aquatic, the life

. . .

uh oh! HI! i'm in toledo, ohio hanging out with evan mellosonic who is every bit as awesome and silly and fun as i'd imagined! YAY! tomorrow i get to see MORE of my favourite ppl, as evan and i are driving to milwaukee! yipee! IT IS TIME FOR SLEEP, yet for some reason i am not tired. but i just yawned.

HI. i got a speeding ticket today. that was the only sucky part. ONE hour from evan's i got a ticket. oh well. my luck! sleep should come now. BTW, i have decided that evan is the milwaukee TOLEDO [what is wrong with me today?] version of TERENCE! don't ask me to explain, but he just totally is! xo.

02:43p addendum: evan just put up a picture of him and a picture of me: here!
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    les rhythm digitales being scratched by evan