January 6th, 2003

aquatic, the life

going to sleep as a way of avoiding trouble

i really should be sleeping. then i would avoid all this getting into trouble and such!

this review of the the early humans/stars of the dogon spilt 7" made me crack up. oh yea, it's in french.

i am so so so so very happy about leaving for toledo, oh tomorrow even tho it's snow snow snowing - this will be so fun! YES WE ARE DRIVING TO MILWAUKEE AS WELL, SO WATCH OUT MIDWEST. everyone else, wish me luck on the drive out there. i'm bringing the postal service with me, so i should be fine.

ps. THE POSTAL SERVICE ARE TOURING. this is old news. new news = a boy that i talk to online says that the notwist/styrofoam show in philly is trying to get postal service added to the bill. the notwist website is like a conorgasm for ding, btw. anyhow, the show is an r5 production, so news will be up there if they do succeed in adding the postal service to the bill! if you'd like a preview of the notwist live and don't feel like FINDING it by playing the memory game on their site, here it is.
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    the postal service - such great heights