January 5th, 2003

aquatic, the life

put a boy with messy hair and a suit on the tee vee and i won't move

there is something definitely wrong with me. first, i watched A BUNCH of food network. after paid programming came on, i flipped around and landed on "the treatment" on MTV, which actually really and truly SUCKED ME IN, even though it was about KORN. i'm fascinated with music video/film, so this whole idea was pretty fucking intriguing to me. anyhow, it helps that the guy who won the contest to direct the korn video was really hott: sean dack. a picture of him can be found here. that picture does not show how hott he is. he is totally and completely pretentious, but he totally reminds me of ethan embry with an even hotter jawline. now they're playing black rebel motorcycle club in the background. i so can't take my eyes of the screen.

in non-psychotic news, the sha-sha-sha-shaw society met up today to see 'chicago' and ended up at honolulu/seeing sentai/four seasons and this photo was taken at some point in the middle-ish part of the day/night: we are so cute.

back to psychotic-ness: omg omg omg. sean dack just mentioned radiohead. okay, hi, i'll have a few of your babies. call me.

04:49a addendum: so, yea, i just found a webpage about him that lists his email address - uh oh.

04:56a addendum: i am far too good at research! he has a hotmail email address too [or at least he did in 2000] --> stalk much. GOD he is so pretentious tho! blah blah blah, but oh god, he's messing up his hair again!

05:13a addendum: i am going to sleep. i am recording the rest.
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