January 1st, 2003

aquatic, the life

"your perfect verse is just a lie you tell yourself to help you get by..."

i resolve:

01 | to become reacquainted with my SLR.

02 | to not settle for just anything.

03 | to use m-w's word of the day at least once a week.

04 | to learn photo emulsion, so i can make better tee shirt designs!

05 | to get B's or above on all of my classes.

06 | to not skip any classes.

07 | to finally put a band together and play at least one show.

08 | to put out a 7" record out with my 'zine.

09 | to write more letters.

10 | to complete mixtapes that i start.
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    the postal service - clark gable
aquatic, the life

"that's when the party started..."

oh yea, the photos from last night are coming [like yr mom].

yes, i am listening to the postal service still and not the plan. i work in 18 minutes. what a crime. oh how sad.
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    the postal service - such great heights