December 25th, 2002

aquatic, the life

merry xmas from dustin

join dustin's [ ddrase ] fanclub here! i'm not only a member of the fanclub - i am the president! oh yea, his profile is up at MOC too! check him out here! *rowr! btw, he lives in chicago and he's looking for lovely ladies to make-out with on his birthday, which is january 4th! GET TO IT! HE HAS THE BIGGESTCollapse )
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aquatic, the life

"how long must i get a drink in this place?"

all dressed up and shy

oh joy! knowing that tonight is the last night i have to post low quality web cam photos is absolutely fabulous! tonight was the first time i've been to mass since i saw the sins of father amaro. i couldn't help but think of that! it made mass go by quickly tho. before midnight mass, my family went out to dinner at the old ebbitt grill. the host who sat us looked like a thinner version of matt cherry [maserati] and i died every time he walked by. oh god. the hottness! everyone consumed alcohol except for my cousin molly [who is the only one too young to indulge]. my mom was tipsy after 1/2 of a champagne cocktail and in order to block out how embarassing she was being i downed an apple martini and an amaretto sour.

molly and i talked about how she's really into aol instant messenger now and how she talks to random people she meets through friends of friends. she also said that one of her friends "is kinda slutty" and that "she can't put on make-up!" bwahahah. she's in middle school! i'm not sure i was that cruel yet in middle school. she asked for my IM name and said she'd IM me soon. i always feel wierd talking to family members on the computer tho. worlds colliding is no good.

i should sleep now, before santa passes over my house and gives my presents to my neighbors!
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