December 23rd, 2002

aquatic, the life

what a funny joke.

laini sent the last mp3 [10-the_postal_service-natural_anthem] to my email address but i still haven't got it and i am freaking out, um, just a bit, cos i really have have have to bring the complete album with me on the way to nancy's.

if you have this mp3 and a fast connection, could one of you email it to me: [my other email addy is NOT working right now for receiving for some stupid stupid reason] and comment here that you did. anyways, please please please please help me out, as i'm fairly definitely desperate to have this song by the time i wake up, which is in, oh, a bit less than about 6 hours.

and i just realised my post was kind of sort of identical to lindsay's post about how great the postal service album is, but seeing as we're now in a band called FURK together, i feel my doing that is alright. that and the fact that i am delirious.
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    the postal service - the district sleeps alone tonight