December 17th, 2002

aquatic, the life

Thank you for ordering tickets from!

Your Movie: ........... The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers PG-13
Showtime: ............. 12:01am, the evening of Tuesday, December 17, 2002
Theater: .............. AMC Hoffmann Center 22
2500 Eisenhower Avenue
Alexandria, VA 22314

Tickets Purchased: ......2


m a d f l o w r (4:39:19 PM): 9.00 each
m a d f l o w r (4:39:22 PM): yuck
jen (4:39:27 PM): eh
jen (4:39:32 PM): tis a small price to pay
jen (4:39:36 PM): LEGOLAS
jen (4:39:51 PM): oh man, it's gonna be such a dork squad ;)
jen (4:39:55 PM): and we're gonna be the captains
m a d f l o w r (4:40:52 PM): okay awesome
m a d f l o w r (4:40:56 PM): done!
jen (4:40:59 PM): YES!!!
jen (4:41:01 PM): yay
jen (4:41:05 PM): fuck yeah


giving gifts to oneself during the holiday season feels just as good as giving to others, especially if it's in the form of LEGOLAS. so, i'm back, and jen and i are psyched as all get out to see this film AT MIDNIGHT tonight. i am going to miss the sounds of kaleidoscope in order to see this film and i don't feel bad at all about that fact. oops! i owe dan immediatetongue a cake for dropping me off/picking me up at union station.

the trainride home from milwaukee was not so much, tho i did finish reading Geniuses of Crack by Jeff Gomez and a book of oscar wilde's fairy tales that laini lent me ages ago. next = getting over it or finishing up cause celeb, which wasn't all that good. i should really take trips like this more often. i <3 trains. i hate perverts. more on this later. nap now. scanning of photographs/lomographs + more talk of the trip later.
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aquatic, the life

more on giving gifts to oneself

according to the drive in records news here, there is going to be a sugargliders tribute album out soon with like a gazillion great bands [which translates to: lucksmiths, the and kissing book] as well as NEW ROCKETSHIP STUFF!?!? WHAT?! WAIT!? WHOA!@!

oh yea, and any dcfc fans, if i were you i'd subscribe to a yearly subscription of devil in the woods. let's just say a little birdie with the initials of B.G. told me something about about a song recently recorded that will be on one of the upcoming 7"s. anyhow, it's only $15 for 4 issues [that includes the 7" that comes with each]. so, like follow my lead + buy yrself a subscription as a xmas present.
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