December 2nd, 2002

aquatic, the life

"when i lose my sleep, it's you i miss..."

i secretly cry myself to sleep
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i was a bad, bad girl tonight and purchased the following at record & tape traders dundalk location due to their crazy crazy sale. if it weren't for the internet i would buy no records. seriously. possibly. btw, the previous statement makes sense because i never would have heard about this crazy sale if it wasn't for the e-mail i got telling me about it.
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    sondre lerche - you know so well
aquatic, the life

just when i thought it couldn't really get any better...


on the cd, there is a video for 'you know so well' and in it sondre is singing/working IN A BOOKSTORE. OH GOD. this post totally totally makes me feel like laini. next thing you know i'll be saying i want to have 10,000 babies of justin timberlake's...

yes, this video is norway's answer to the video for 'a movie script ending'. or similar to at least. did i mention that i only had 4.5 hours of sleep last night?
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    sondre lerche - you know so well [THE VIDEO]