November 30th, 2002

aquatic, the life

three surveys rolled into one

really, no one cares about this stuff, but why not. i lj-cut texted everything except for my favourite part of the surveys, so no one would end up hating me. well maybe a few of you won't anyways.

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i guess i'm supposed to list them here (in order):

carl s.
chris h.
bradley b.
sean m.
mike h.
patrick b.
bob c.
bruce s.
martin w.
victor m.
dany s.
mike g.
paul l.
dan c.
chris b.
brian t.
dustin d.
brian b.
jeremiah m.
sean h.
kevin c.
joseph p. [that was just a meaningless smooch that i paid $2 for, but since i listed everyone that i've kissed here, i felt i should add his name too.]
andrew c. [yay! i don't have to pay him anything!]

boys who are crossed through means they were never what i would call boyfriends. maybe i dated them. maybe i didn't. maybe it was a one-time thing. maybe it wasn't. how many of these boys have ljs (that i know of)? 8!

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aquatic, the life

"we go out in stormy weather, we rarely practice discern..."

i'm not the type of girl who goes shopping and i'm certainly not the type of girl who goes shopping the day after the day after thanksgiving. however, today i did, because i haven't bought new clothing in quite some time and when my mom's offering, i tend to cave in. i ended up with a pair of nine west ankle boots and a pair of blue etienne something or other shoes as well as a new pair of gap flat front khakis, two gap skirts (black + gray) and a pair of levis jeans. all in all, i am pretty amazed that i found anything at all that i liked. i had no hopes for today's shopping excursion, so it was a pleasant surprise to walk away with three bags full!

last night i saw 'El Crimen del Padre Amaro' with jen. it was absolutely totally depressing [duh]. afterwards, we got mama lucia's pizza, which really IS like the best pizza in the word, then i went home, started reading shopgirl, and then called her later to convince her to go see black eyes/parlour scouts/short stack @ art-o-matic with me! let me just say right now that black eyes are fucking amazing. i can't believe i've missed them like 10,000 times before. more LJ kids were there than i care to even try to < lj user >. i hung out with ginny and met her friend andy, who lives like 10 minutes from me and works at the old town olsson's. i didn't get to see very much art, so that is what i am going to do tonight before the cassettes go on. i'm off to pick up stephen + kevin p scouts now. YAY! apparently, we're going to yell out exclamations in french to the cassettes! this should be fun!

random 1: last night was perfect for scenester spotting, however, NEITHER IAN was present! what's up with that?

random 2: what's up with boys in dc growing beards? seriously.
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