November 18th, 2002

aquatic, the life

spinning sad records might be hard since i'm happy

i secretly cry myself to sleep

andrew's radio show on WMUC
every monday from 12p - 2p
[eastern standard time]

i am guest djing today!

listen on winamp HERE!

sad bastard music request line:
(301) 314-8800

i'll draw a picture for every person who actually listens to the show. post here if you are listening and what song is playing and what you want me to draw a picture of. this offer is only reedemable for those who are actually listening and who doesn't want a picture drawn by yrs truly? i'd listen if i were you.

countdown until the show starts: about 10 hours
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aquatic, the life

this is perhaps one of the BEST emails i have ever received:

From "Dressy Bessy" <>
Date Monday, November 18, 2002 3:35 pm
Subject db site updates



the reason for my excitement: pictures of the dc show @ the black cat and pictures of the philly show @ the khyber taken by dressy bessy! there are a lot of really great photos of myself and friends [and allen clapp] finally up now! my pestering tammy at the kindercore CMJ showcase really paid off! YIPEE SKIPEE! the best pictures by far are the ones of the sha-sha-sha-shaw society womanning the merch table tho. me-ow. we are some foxy ladies! :)

5:07 addendum: i want to see a show here. nat, ever been here?
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aquatic, the life

dear andy kaffer,

our [laini + my] offer of marriage still stands, just so you know. even if (s) really wasn't all that great of an album (esp. if you compare it to lines and color).

leigh + laini (i'm sure)

dear dressy bessy,

THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE ABOVE PHOTO and putting it and others of andy kaffer on the interweb for the world to see here.

xoxoxo times infinity,
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