November 9th, 2002

aquatic, the life

i shouldn't miss big news just because i am totally crushed out..

cut from the death cab for cutie fanpage:

and now for the news: michael schorr and the other members of death cab for cutie have parted ways. seeing as death cab is now without a drummer, they obviously won't be making many tour plans for the near future. man, why can't this band keep ahold of a drummer?! we'll miss you michael! good luck with everything in the future!

like, huh + damn.
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ps. approximate countdown until andrew is at the van dorn metro station: < 7 hours. oops. just look at the time.

accomplished before i came home:

i fooled people by drinking from a bottle of sparkling cider while driving
i attended 2 shows [MAHOGANY @ WMUC + 1/5 of CALLOW's set @ OTTOBAR]
i slowly introducing the dinosaur to the sha-sha-sha-shaw society
went to zee paper moon
i kissed while standing on my tiptoes

accomplished after i got home:

i said goodbye to the past
i cleaned my room

" i never thought i'd find another one to take your place . . . "

and the above lyrics ring true for once.
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