October 30th, 2002

aquatic, the life

"your name in lights or granite or on the written page..."

i have been listening to paper lions cd seriously for 1/3 of the day [and that might actually be an understatement]. PLUS i am wearing my paper lions tee shirt. A REALLY CUTE BOY SMILED AND SAID HEY TO ME TODAY [most likely because of this tee shirt]. later, the cute boy who has been doing a project in star lab next to my group talked to me [again, most likely because of this tee shirt].

in less than 12 hours from now, laini lalalaini, ding ceasetoexist, collin zoratorbout, and myself will be on the road to nyc. cross yr fingers that everything goes as planned and that the weather is nice to us. we'll be going to the kindercore showcase @ cbgb's. i do hope that nothing gets botched. i am pretty sure that we're going to head straight to the venue to make sure that we *do* get in. we'll be the nerds up towards the front, shaking our tails off. oh yea, and lining up (with dollars in hand) to kiss joshua, the agenda's roadie. oh, you wouldn't know about that yet, since i didn't tell you about this past sunday yet. oops!

there are SO many ppl that i hope we run into tomorrow night [OR friday/saturday night when i come BACK UP]. please oh PLEASE say introduce yrself if you recognize me!

P.S. anyone staying in dc @ the velvet lounge tonight [wednesday], PLEASE give bobby wratten a hug for me and tell him i will see his show up in NYC if i can! yarg.
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