October 28th, 2002

aquatic, the life

"and just cos i like tigermilk, it doesn't mean i'm fucking twee..."

it looks like laini and i are going go attempt the impossible: go up to new york on wednesday for the kindercore records showcase at cbgb and then come home. i have a 10:30 class on thursday, but oh well, you know how that goes.


gersey 7:00 pm
Paper Lions 8:00 pm
Maserati 8:45 pm
Agenda 9:30 pm
I Am The World Trade Center 10:15 pm
Essex Green 11:00 pm
Dressy Bessy 11:45 pm
Of Montreal 12:30 am

1) do you want to go?
2) can you go?
3) will you help out with gas money/tolls?

if you answered yes to all three questions, please contact me, because the more ppl the better in my car = the better.
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