September 24th, 2002

aquatic, the life

where to begin. where to begin.

exit bar on saturday night = fun in the end. bright eyes on sunday night = good. really good. i was feeling super duper emo, so i went upstairs to be by myself and whoever was doing sound (?) i suppose played this mix including: both a beulah song and a hayden song! and that was wonderful. bright eyes started JUST as 'dynamite walls' finished! anyhow, they were super duper. basically, my feeling after the show ended = i want to become an indie icon that the boys love and the girls envy + THEN i want to take ALL OF MY FRIENDS ON TOUR WITH ME! YES!

more great music:

if you want to see a FANTASTIC show, check out maserati live, because honestly, they are one of the most intense live acts that i have ever seen in my life and you know that is saying a lot, because i see a heck of a lot of shows. to sum up their greatness: i've already seen them 6 times. i've videotaped 3 of their shows now. PLUS, i'm still aching to see them more (and i will get to tomorrow night in richmond and friday night in baltimore). soo, really, you should go see them, because they are playing in a city near you. plus, they are the most swell guys in the universe. oh yea and matt bought me a bottle of ace pear cider, which i drank far too quickly.

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