September 21st, 2002

aquatic, the life

"tell me it's true love, oh baby..."

dear 100% perfect (looking) boy,

i saw you tonight in the red room. i caught sight of you shaking yr brown hair out of yr eyes before you chewed on yr nails, while waiting to order drinks. i did a double take. then i said "i feel like some ice cream" to shelly, and poof! you looked over at me. we linked eyes and then i looked down. you were wearing this HOTT [with an extra t for topless!] blue ringer with the word "norwood" on the front and the number "4" on the back. it's been a long time since i really saw someone who made my jaw drop. but you did tonight. i wanted to throw my arms around you and take you to a quiet corner. but i just bit my lip and dug my fingernails into my palms as you and the girl you were with got progressively closer throughout the night. this is a letter to no one, since i've never seen you before and i'll probably never see you again. i'm just writing this to remind myself that at least one person who i think looks the part of my 100% perfect boy exists. so, thanks [even tho you are the devil] for existing. because you are the devil, i bought this:

from jeanna's boutique.

tonight nancy (nancyxo) and shelly (nerdling) and i saw igby goes down [before shelly and i went to see army of me at the black cat]. honestly, it was SUPERB film making and i really truly love love loved it. it has definitely made my top 5 of the year [we all know LOTR-TTT is going to be number 1]. i can't explain why i love some of the films that i love. the film didn't even make a whole lot of sense. there were a lot of questions that were never answered, yet the film touched me profoundly. the use of the travis cover of 'the weight' was so right on - argh - it was a film i wish i had been some part of putting together. tonight was a night of jealous and angry sighs (oh yea, i saw the one ex i have any animosity towards at the show - that was awesome; in a way that means not).

tonight (meaning saturday night)

sadly it's 21+ . . .
the exit bar's debut
hey hey, come out tonight!
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