September 9th, 2002

aquatic, the life

"what's the difference between dumped and superceded?"

earlier tonight shelly and i decided to swear off boys for awhile. then we went to galaxy hut and saw darren hanlon and realised that really fantastic boys *do* exist - they just live in AUSTRALIA!

[a still from the video i made of tonight's show]

before the show i was questioning whether or not going would be a good idea, since i was feeling so rotten. i figured there was no use sitting around feeling sorry for myself, so shelly and i headed off! we met up with this lovely girl nana, who i always see at the BEST shows, and kevin alvir. after the opening band [cough cough], i called niko asking where he was and he said he just didn't feel like riding his bike to the show. i asked darren when he was going on and he said "in 15 minutes", and i ran to my car, picked niko up, and got back just as he was starting! phew! and, honestly, going to the show tonight was the absolute best thing i could have done. it was one of those shows where my mouth ached after it was over, because i'd smiled so much. after the show, i smiled even more, since we convinced darren and bree to come with us to bob & edith's where:

1) darren ordered grits and scooped the butter out with a spoon and put it on a saucer. then proceeded to pour sugar onto them!
2) shelly did darren's MASH game.
3) it took forever to make our food.
4) i text msged owenm saying that darren said hello and that he would buy him a pint the next time he saw him.
5) on the way, darren read through the notes shelly and i had written during the opening band's set [oops].
6) darren tried to figure out what KCW stood for.
7) afterwards, kevin played 'always buggin' at galaxy hut acoustic for our party and alice and a barfly [and of course i videotaped it].
8) darren and bree said earlier in the night that they were thinking of going to the zoo tomorrow and i told them to call me if they ended up going. i am going to dream of a wake up call from darren hanlon now.
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aquatic, the life

"you can't even stand on your're gonna fall..."

i forgot to say that yesterday while driving niko to galaxy hut, after i finished my kvetching, he said that from this point on he would be my official boy checker. that made me smile on the outside but sigh on the inside.

i was productive (in a leigh sort of way) today! i organized my tee shirts by color [again]. for awhile there i was doing laundry and being lazy about it. i also finished reading post office by charles bukowski. i liked it a lot actually. i haven't read anything quite like it before. knock on KCW...but maybe this means i'm back to being able to read books that don't mention music! let's hope so, as some textbooks are calling my name.

i have eaten far too many baby m&m's today. we got a whole bunch of these silly dispensers in at blockbuster to give out when someone donated a dollar to national kid's day, but they arrived at our store after the promotion was already over, so we had to "destroy" them, which really means "take them home". i took home about 10. yowch.

today i also picked up my room a bit and dubbed a candyskins show for someone who sent me 3 cd-r mixes for it! on one of the mixes was a song by transona five that i fell in love with. yea, *cough cough*, i just purchased everything by them on sandwich records as well as a cd by lickets. i am a perfect example of why twentysomethings should not have credit cards.

i am also a perfect example of why twentysomethings should not have livejournals.
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