September 5th, 2002

aquatic, the life

sleep loss and lip gloss

i took that picture on saturday night with laini's camera when the crazy party was getting even more crazy than it already was. i just zoned out. honestly, that was my least favourite night with the ohio boys, tho bits of that day/night were nice. i don't know if laini has given me permission to release to url to parties not involved yet, but i really liked that self portrait and i'm about to go to sleep. shelly is asleep in the next room. i have to wake up at 6:45, which is less than 4 hours from now. and then i've got a french quiz, which will take place less than 8 hours from now. today i successfully added video: producing & directing to my schedule. joy! i am a full-time student once again. i am certain that tonight i will not get a full night of sleep, but that's alright because i have health care once again.

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