August 31st, 2002

aquatic, the life

teaching the boys how to sha-sha-sha-shaw


- 1 leigh
- 1 laini [lalalaini]
- 1 ding [ceasetoexist]
- 1 shelly [nerdling]
- 1 kevin chan's weiner
- 1 kevin chan [popscene]
- 1 eric [glasswar]
- 1 bottle of midori
- 1 box of sour mix
- 2 digital cameras
- 1 oscar fish named tony
- 1 air mattress
- 8 popsicles
- 1 sexy stereo pumping out david bowie + ugly casanova + blur + self + ladytron + air.

take the above ingredients and mix. it's all nice on ice, alright.

tonight was a ridiculous amount of fun. it started off possibly not feeling that way, since i was feeling just blah, but once shelly and i touched down in dundalk, my mood improved. we horsed around and made plenty of jokes about kevin chan's weiner and then we left for paper moon, where we met up with sean charmcitymod who was looking dashing in a blur tee shirt and stolen pants! *rowr [in the spirit of stealing, i have stolen this saying from kevin chan]! after i stole a kiss or two (tonight had a theme of stealing apparently), we filled the mini-van up with the ssss+fans and headed back to laini's for one wild and crazy time. pictures may or may not come later. permission to release media forms will have to be signed. i am a sleepy bunny, so i am off to do just that.

it's a pity i'll have to wake up in 3 hours to take care of shadow. le sigh. tonight was worth it tho.
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