August 28th, 2002

aquatic, the life


that's really all i have to say about last night.

but let's just post this already:

in my intro to film class we are watching DONNIE DARKO and Y TU MAMA TAMBIEN and THE VIRGIN SUICIDES. need i say more? i've seen most of the films we are studying, but that's alright.

modest mouse were sosososo good last night. YOWZA. 'tiny cities made of ashes' was amazing! the whole sha-sha-sha-shaw society was there. it was rock action, kinda like kevin chan's weiner.

boys in lancaster, pa are not foxy.

matt pond + mike are foxy. even if we missed their set.

street signs of horse cart and buggies are good!

leatherface = not good.

lancaster, pa police officers who look like cal ripken = good [even if he did tell us the ultra super long way past leatherface's house way home]

my teacher for intro to film, who rules, said while describing 'donnie darko', something like this: "it's a very interesting film even if the lead character played by jake gyllenhaal has played the same role 9 times now."

must shower. must buy books.

06:10pm addendum: STS THAT SHIT! I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT THE BAND LEATHERFACE. i am talking about the frightful fellow in texas chainsaw massacre! KCW to you all!
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aquatic, the life

sts that shit!

Credit Limit $2,500.00
Available Credit $1,435.00

remember when i said i took care of this a few days ago? UM, apparently they didn't do shit about it and as a result, i've got a $2,500 credit limit. gar.
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