August 8th, 2002

aquatic, the life

"i wander through these empty halls, as the moon casts shadows of just me on the wall..."

i woke up at 1:00 with a rather horrible headache. i took some advil, woke up, ate a bit of lunch, and then decided to ride my bike to the post office. i saw the orangeish pink package slip in my box and i knew what it was. it was 3 records i'd bought when i was out in washington - aka the remains of my "stuff" from jeremiah. the only thing he still has that he says he is going to send me is a roll of C-41 film that we took together [in november]. sigh.

this week i've felt a lot better about everything in general. i rode back from the post office with the cardboard LP mailer stuck underneath the metal strappy thing on my bike. i looked back at it to make sure it was real. that it was truly there. and it was. i ran up the stairs and into my room, slamming the door behind me, throwing myself onto my bed in true drama queen fashion and sobbing for 5 minutes. then i opened the box, pulled the shrink wrap off 'the softies - holiday in rhode island' and put the needle down into its' grooves. then i wrapped the blankets 'round me and listened the the album in its' entirety, only stirring once - to flip the record. after this music nap, i got up and i felt good.

alan called checking to confirm that we [myself, shelly, dan, ?] were still going to richmond tonight for her space holiday/american analog set. and shortly after he called, evan called. honestly, he sounded like he expected that i wouldn't be able to come visit this weekend. and he sounded so down. there is nothing i would rather do. but there's something that i *have* to do here this weekend. gar. i never mean to let anyone down. sometimes i think i just take on too much at one time.
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