August 6th, 2002

aquatic, the life

"i don't want to break your heart, i don't want to let you down..."

this last week and/or two weeks has gone by in a blur. a lot has happened that i still don't feel like addressing. anyone close to me has a general idea as to what's been going on. but good stuff has been happening. really.

5 recent photos i took with my lomo supersampler:
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friday morning i went to see 'signs' with my mom. it was actually quite breath-taking. it made me heart m night shymalan again! that night i stayed home and i attempted to finish laini's BIRTHDAY mixtape, which *so* did not get finished. then i made a voucher for it instead and worked on the screen for the sha-sha-sha-shaw society tee shirts, which is still not finished, because the angel wings keep looking wierd when i do them, so i've rinsed the screen off about 4 times so far. argh. i just need to effing DO IT.
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