July 23rd, 2002

aquatic, the life

r|m at krome?

august 18th

rainer maria
owen & 2 tba
@ KROME [nj]
link? excessdc.

does anyone know anything about this venue [aka - have you been there, how is it? etc.] also, how far away from new york city is this venue? anyways, thanks kids!love + kisses. movie star boyfriend list coming soon.
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aquatic, the life

"do you ever hear what the [movie] stars are saying to you?"

leigh's definitive movie star boyfriend list
christian bale
jack black
jesse bradford
jon cryer
john cusack
christopher eccleston
ethan embry
jon favreau [love & sex]
corey feldman [dream a little dream]
colin firth
dan futterman [shooting fish]
vincent gallo
adrian grenier [adventures of sebastian cole]
jake gyllenhaal
corey haim
john hannah
desmond harrington [my first mister]
ethan hawke
jude law
todd louiso [high fidelity]
andrew mccarthy
shane mcdermott
dylan mcdermott
ewan mcgregor
breckin meyer
paul newman [the young philadelphians]
jonny lee miller
ryan philippe
iain robertson [small faces]
paul rudd
stuart townsend [shooting fish]
michael vartan [never been kissed]
mike vitar [the sandlot]
elijah wood

leigh's definitive movie star girlfriend list
cate blanchett
claire danes
illeana douglas
jennifer ehle [pride & prejudice]
parker posey
audrey tautou

leigh's definitive movie star boyfriends she wouldn't make out with
malcolm mcdowell
kevin spacey

this will be updated as i get new moviestar boyfriends. no, i don't think either wilson brother is attractive, so don't tell me to put them on!
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