July 6th, 2002

aquatic, the life

how you doin' ?

i got back about an hour ago from seeing the dangerous lives of altar boys @ visions with shelly + martin, then going to four seasons sans martin. i was highly impressed with the film, more than i thought i would be. thanks to martin we missed the first few minutes of the movie, but the plot was very easy to pick up on. anyways, i think the main character looks like a young adrien grenier. basically, i'm saying he is really really attractive. he has grey eyes. insert swoon here --> swoon. jodie foster was great in her role and the animation from todd mcfarlane was amazing. everything the film was very fresh and innovative. i am going to read the book, because i enjoyed the film very much. something i also enjoyed very much was seeing a very familiar looking and very foxy boy working at visions who i linked eyes with a few times as i tried to remember where i knew him from. ask shelly, i was going *nuts*. after the movie was over, we walked past and he waved bye and said goodnight to us. how do i know this boy tho? gar.

before i clicked off the ignition in front of four seasons, shelly and i vowed to not be dorks. once inside, we were complete dorks, because our waiter was there. the same waiter we scrawled our phone numbers on a napkin for [quite dorkily] less? than a week ago in a fit of dorkdom. tonight there were two obnoxious men from new jersey who sat down in the booth across from us and started talking to us [one more so than the other] about how joey from friends says "how you doin'?" but that you are not supposed to answer that [you're supposed to smile and nod], how virginia sucks and how jersey is great. i kept thinking of the part in storytelling [i haven't seen the film yet - only have the soundtrack] where the boy says, "jersey rules!" these men were grody to the max. last night when i talked to shelly i told her, jokingly, that we would find mens tonight. apparently, i was not kidding. ew.
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