June 24th, 2002

aquatic, the life

"you left me behind again. i feel so empty...

should i think that something's wrong?
should i try to do a thing about it as the band plays on?"

i haven't even posted anything about the dressy bessy show in philly yet. i am behind. wheee. dressy bessy was absolutely wonderful in philly. i think it was even better in philly because they played WITH the orange peels! that was a surprise treat, because i didn't even remember reading that they were on the bill! that was great-o!

highlights of the road trip to philly for dressy bessy:

+ these crazy ppl we raced/followed a long ways - a girl in the car was definitely on speed or something that causes hyperactivity.
+ teaching ding hand motions to the dismemberment plan
+ seeing greg pavlovcak and talking about his new[ish] band, the last wave
+ being asked by allen clapp + tammy dressy bessy if laini and i were sisters

highlights of friday/saturday:

+ having lunch at siam 815 with sarah
+ the dismemberment plan @ black cat [1st night = better]
+ james [floppy] saying that he WILL finally start a band with me!
+ having lunch at sunflower with sarah
+ the all time quarterback cd re-issue waiting for me after going out to eat with sarah
+ watching a guy feed his dog beer at dc sessions [i *almost* said something, but he was with his family. admittedly, i didn't have a good time at dc sessions]
+ the dismemberment plan @ black cat
+ being asked by julia if sarah and i were related
+ license plate spotting with sarah [personal fave="iluvclowns" or something like that below a sticker that said "i love clowns"]

highlights of sunday:

+ finally buying 'the dreamlife of angels', 'stag' [just cos andrew mccarthy's in it - this movie SUCKED, but i am a sucker for him - swoon], and 'liberty heights'.
+ seeing 'lilo & stitch' with dan [cos minority report sold out] - this movie was effing hilarious and wonderful; really.
+ getting an email from matt pond saying i should call him next time he's in philly instead of emailing since he doesn't check his email that much. *swoon*

it is 3:06 and now i am wide awake and looping this gerbils song. mmm speaking of the gerbils; there are SO many good shows this week it is absolutely crazy. my wallet is very very thin and i may have to cut a few things out due to its' starvation. tho it will be fed a little on thursday. mmuglycasanovafridayandsaturdaynumnumnum.
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