June 14th, 2002

aquatic, the life

i do believe i would die without my friends

honestly i think that the above statement is true. i am actually pretty happy right now, thinking about all the people i get to see in the next week who i love and admire. my friends are great. yay! even if they do like better than ezra - hee! besides it's sponsored by coke, so that is clearly acceptable. go coke!

to be deleted after being read by these two cuties:

note to shelly + shannon who will most likely read this [i hope]: royal city in baltimore tonight @ mission space. i'm driving. do you kids wanna go? if so i'd rather leave sooner as opposed to later, but i realise that you work shelly, so let me know! it's too late for me to call you so i hope you to read this and reply [be it via comment or text messaging my cell phone or email or smoke signal] if you would like to come. the lala car is going to be filled with: me, laini, ding, and hopefully shelly and shannon. lalaleigh. lalalaini. dadading. shashashelly. and shashashannon. wow i know such super kids. gush gush.
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