May 1st, 2002

aquatic, the life

"and there we'll live rent-free; sleep on beds of melody..."

mmhmm. i am muy muy excited. i pick up owenm at dulles tommorrow at 2:40, which is about 14 hours from now! woo hoo! since monday i've been doing all the little chores i've been putting off. phew!

i have stickers on my car now [radiohead, radiohead, hayden, mogwai, push kings, barcelona, the ivory coast, + beulah]! dan came over on monday while i was cleaning my bumper and he helped me arrange said stickers. hee! you think i'm kidding. no. i took him to honolulu and bought him his first drink ever! i am so proud! har har! anyhow, i got more tipsy than him. this is one drink, mind you: the sundowner! phew! anyways, we showed up at the foxchase cinema late for amelie. that was alright since i've already seen it twice. it was my first time ever going to that theatre. ooh whee. it's a porn/indie theatre. 1 of the theatres plays indie flicks, while the others play pornorama. ha! it was hella skeezy, but someone had told me before that the indie flicks are playing in a different theatre completely from the porn. YAY for that! anyways, after the movie was over karyn and dan and i were talking in the parking lot and while we're talking one of the porn movies must have let out, because about 10 skeezy looking men in disheveled business suits wandered out. oi vey!

karyn said goodbye and left in search of canned ginger ale and dan + i were off to hand out lamya promo stuff after the garbage show @ 9:30 club. fun fun fun! i ran into my friend peter i haven't seen in AGES, along with some ppl i was friends with in high school that was very very wierd! yipes. my five year high school reunion is this summer and i am dreading it. i don't want to go, but i feel kind of curious. in the end i'll probably go just to see whose got a baby now.

now i am off to pack and finish a mixtape that's been months in the making. sigh.

no more frown! owen tomorrow! laini friday! b&s friday & sunday! and apparently i am still going to athens, ga...only now i'm going with jen! i'd called maserati matt yesterday to let him know we'd still be coming and he called me tonight and left a really funny message on my voicemail. hee. there is so much goodness coming up in the near and dear future that i've just got to turn this frown upside down.
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aquatic, the life

a night of almost no sleep to finish a long overdue mixtape

yep. it's done. i stayed up until 5ish, but it's done! and i am listening to it for the third time. this is one of my favourite mixes ever. i'm kind of afraid to put the tracklisting up here, since i'm not sure jeremiah has stumbled upon my LJ or not. i didn't include the song names/band names with the tape, since that's what he did to me with the first tape he made me. i'm doing that in the hopes that he'll actually listen to the tape, which i laboured over for hours on end. i'm going to post the tracklist in a friends only journal in just one moment [along with a few photos of said tape]. last night i also finished the cover for the mix cd i made him.

here it is:

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