April 19th, 2002

aquatic, the life

sesame's treat

i used to absolutely LOVE those segments on sesame street [at least i'm pretty sure it was sesame street] that showed how things were made. the only one i can remember vividly was how crayons were made. that was so cool. i thought of this when i just now opened a bag of bite size vienna cremes and wondered what the conveyer belt that made them looked like. that 'i love lucy' episode where ethel and lucy have to wrap the chocolates coming out on the conveyer belt - that ALWAYS makes me laugh. in 'the insider' it showed plants making cigarettes! that grossed me out. a lot. i think seeing how toys were made would be really cool tho. god i wish i could sneak into a warehouse and take some photographs of things like that.

the machine that put these vienna cremes together didn't do such a good job. i just pulled out one with the wrong side up! yay for life's little mechanical fuckups!
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