April 13th, 2002

aquatic, the life

"when i said my heart would crack -- i take it back. apparently it won't. my bad."

yum! go check out the certainly, sir website. and go buy their cd 'mugic' since it's really good. it is a really nice cd for driving. it's nick from the ivory coast's side project. and it's COMPLETELY different from the ivory coast. yay for side projects that don't sound exactly like the band they're a side project of!

last night i ended up taking the maserati boys [minus steve] to baltimore for the underground [their britpop nite]. it was hella fun! lots of ppl really into it and singing along [very off key might i add]! and then we went to paper moon. table for 7, please. and i met their fried sarah who is totally cool and is like 2 degrees away from me friend-wise. she's friends with melissa from philly who is friends with niko who is my friend. yay for meeting cool new kids!

OH and another YAY! alan just sent me pics of the philly hayden show he took. i am only putting up two. yum yum.

this is sarah, hayden, and me @ the fire bar:

this is a dog that lives @ the fire bar:

i would like to have that dog. it is a mutt. it leans into you. i want a dog that leans into me.
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