April 2nd, 2002

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stripes strike out

apparently i am the only person on the face of this planet [or at least in dc] who thinks the white stripes are completely overrated. i can say that i enjoyed two of their songs. can i say that i was blown away? no. can i say that i think they're incredibly talented musicians? no. can i say that they did crazy things i have never seen before? no. can i say that they did what they do really well? no. i went to the show thinking i would actually enjoy their live set, because i think their records are boring. is there any logic behind that thought? no.

some neato things happened after the show tho! while handing out 9:30 club fliers and then seafood postcards [with pins attached], i saw tim pogo and his gf. i haven't seen him in forever and he's so super duper nice! yay! then a boy came up to me and said he has the w.a.s.t.e. backpack too! he was really nice and we talked for a bit, but then my JAW DROPPED cos i saw laris kreslins [sound collector editor/former head of insound zine dept.] and i went up to talk to him since i hadn't seen him for 2 yrs. woo hoo! and the highlight of the evening was the confusion as to whether or not prince was really playing at 2K9. this man wearing reflective yellow strips over his clothes [total safety patrol style] and he had a loudspeaker and said that prince played earlier somewhere else, but that he was playing a free secret show at 2K9. i completely forgot that it was april fools and i imagined that this guy was just playing a joke on all the gullible dorky white kids streaming out of the 9:30 club. he got me because i decided i was too curious to NOT see what was going on. i had to drop les off at home, but on the way back [after getting super duper lost as per usual] i drove by 2K9, which was completely dead. therefore, prince did not play. and i got played. either that or absolutely no one knew about the show and prince ended up playing to laris and his gf and a few other drunken white kids. hee. i'd like to think that was what happened.

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