March 28th, 2002

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architect slut

i woke up around 1:15 today. i didn't look in the mirror the whole day. i wonder what that means. i tried to register for summer classes today through 4GMU and it said i was unable to register and to call the registrar's office. apparently i have to re-enroll. that's peachy. there was a question on the application i was unsure about, so i left a msg for my dad at work. he was in meetings all day, so i didn't even get to register for those 2 classes today. by the time they get my re-enrollment application and let me register i'm sure those two classes i need/want to talk will be filled. sigh. i figured this little burst of goodness was just in passing.

dressy bessy/the deathray davies in DC on monday night at the metro cafe was *the* best show i've been to in ages. it was super fun. a lot of kids were dancing. positive energy was just bouncing off the walls. the DRD were so forkin' good. the crowd loved them and they loved the crowd! dressy bessy were GREAT even though tammy was sick and losing her voice. before the show i was wondering if they'd be good on a bill together. i was stupid. they are GREAT together. the DRD boys jumped onstage to help out on a dressy bessy song with tambourines and maracas. that was the first show in ages where my mouth hurt from smiling so much! that is a good feeling.

tuesday afternoon i had an interview with another temp agency and voila, as of monday i will again be a respectable member of the working class.

dressy bessy/the deathray davies in philly on tuesday night at the khyber was not the best show i'd been to in ages, but it was fun. on monday night christina and i told niko we were probably going to philly the next day. he said he probably wouldn't go, but he surprised us when he called saying he'd changed his mind. the drive up there was long and there was lotsa rain, but we made the best of it. we got there super duper late and missed a few of the DRD's songs. the crowd sucked anyways. people weren't dancing. arms crossed. no foot tapping. i don't understand. they are so rock it hurts. grr. oh well. anyways, dc kids know what's up. dressy bessy were good, but still not as good as they were in DC. that's probably due to the fact tammy was even more sick. doing shots with the drd in dc didn't help that, i'm sure. oh well. we had a good time. i'm really glad we went up to philly. i got to see christa and michael! i met a girl off the indie pop meeting place named kate! and the best part of the whole trip was...I DIDN'T FALL ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL. yay for me!

after the show, the deathray davies kids met us at south street diner and lots more fun was had there. i don't care. i've gotta say it. John DRD is the most absolutely adorable and wonderful boy in music [second to hayden]. he is smart and funny and an absolute dream. there. all gushing aside, he's really neat. his gf is super lucky to have him. after we were stuffed with food, we said goodbye to the DRD and started the drive home. i dropped niko off and christina and i got back to my house around 6:00a. she sped off to mason. i was asleep by 6:15a.

the most memorable moment of the whole entire journey was when we were talking about niko's new line of work - freelance architecture and he was saying something about how he charges a lot less than major firms. he pauses and says, "yea, i'm an architect slut." and a new side project of pantyhose and no bra was formed.
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