March 16th, 2002

aquatic, the life

hood = good

hey, does anyone from the dc area wanna come to hood in philly with me? i think it's 21+ at the khyber, but i'm not sure. anyways, i *think* i may end up going, so let me know if you're up for it. i'll be at now! for a bit so call for me there (703) 528-9059 or just reply in here and i'll be sure to check it at least once before i end up leaving. i prolly won't go by myself as much as i want to so let me know if anyone's up for it. sigh.

ps it's tonight. so yea.
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    orange juice - rip it up
aquatic, the life

i'm too good for hood :(

no one wanted to go to philly and i just know i'll fall asleep at the wheel if i go by myself. so, boo hoo. william alberque went to the show in nyc last night at the warsaw and said it was AMAZING. gah. i don't feel like going to bliss tonight. not only did i get my order from clairecords in the mail today. i also bought a stack of cds and a few records today at work. to get the word out there, now! music and fashion is having a crazy sale, so if you get a chance you should get over there, because the sale ends tomorrow [sunday]. ree. okay. so now i'm gonna go curl up and listen to records.

my clairecords order:
+ damien jurado - 4 songs (12")
+ meisha - s/t
+ meisha - returns forever
+ mirah - cold cold water cdep
+ mirah - you think it's like this but really it's like this
+ the summer in between - s/t

there's all this debate over whether or not online file sharing hurts the music industry [both big and small]. i personally think it HELPS the music industry, especially the independent music industry. 90% of the music i buy these days is something i heard about via the 'net. if something sounds interesting, i jaunt on over to audiogalaxy, download a few tracks, and give it a listen. if it's something i play over and over again, i buy it. example: mirah. laini put a song on my xmas mixtape that i absolutely loved, so i went to see mirah with lala and the show ruled. it took me awhile, but i downloaded some mp3s a week or two ago and absolutely fell in love. and now i've got 4 releases by her [2 7"s, 2 cds]. the mainstream music industry can suck it. i give my money to (semi)little labels! now i'm going to drown myself in music.
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    mirah - you think it's like this but it's really like this