March 2nd, 2002

aquatic, the life

master john

friend (12:15:22 PM): john masters has something going on to
friend (12:15:26 PM): and i hate to admit it
m a d f l o w r (12:15:30 PM): hah
friend (12:15:31 PM): <hangs head in shame. m a d f l o w r (12:15:32 PM): you dork! m a d f l o w r (12:15:33 PM): hahaha bwa haha! okay now i'm off to work.
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aquatic, the life

love so estranged

"let's go for a walk where we can talk about it all and everything.
even though we've said it all, my head is filled with what tomorrow brings...
for you; and me...
just you; and me.

maybe if we make a plan to take some time apart, there'll be a change.
so maybe in 2 years or 10, we'll clear the air and not love so estranged.
just you; and me.
just you...and me."


why isn't there a rocketship fan page somewhere? yar.
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