February 20th, 2002

aquatic, the life

new life resolutions

make better use of my time
read a book a month
cut caffeine out of my diet
eat more fruits and veggies
write more
see the people i love more
exercise 4-5 times a week
visit museums more
stop eating so many darn sweets
keep a journal of where my money's spent

this is my third day not intaking caffeine and i haven't gone into withdrawal yet. geepers. creepers. last night i saw crossroads by myself. dan was supposed to meet me there, but he never showed up. he explained later he was outside the theatre. anyways, it was actually just the kind of movie i needed. not too serious. it was fun. now i am going to buy shoes. please please please let me find some sauconys i like!
aquatic, the life

deleting a relationship

i think i've finally deleted the word boyfriend from all the places i mention jeremiah in the present tense. my livejournal and my diaryland profile and off MOC. *sigh sigh*. now i really am off to find a bath mat and some shoes.
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