February 16th, 2002

aquatic, the life

"Oh Sebastian wrote his diary that he would never be young again..."

let me just say that things are on the up and up [or at least i will tell myself that]. last night i went out to this sleazy meatmarket type bar with some ppl from work [2 doctors, 1 technician, and 1 receptionist]. it was pretty darn gross. i heard bits of conversation from tables around us and yea: lame. kevin alvir picked me up there and we went to cafe asia - where the line was really long and there was a 30-40 minute wait. no thank you. i convinced him to go to honolulu! first we went to my house so i could change + check my email while he checked out my new digs.

honolulu was PACKED. last week there was a write up in the washington post weekend section about it. the article wasn't really all that flattering, but people were there nonetheless. there was an office party being held there. the people were OBNOXIOUS. they were perhaps the MOST annoying people i have ever had the misfortune to dine near in a restaurant. GAH. to convince him to go, i had told kevin how great the service was, how nice the people were, and how great the food was. 1 out of 3 'aint bad. the food was excellent. the service was shite. and the woman who is usually all "hey! how are you?" was worried by the office party going on and didn't give me her normal greetings.

the message in my fortune cookie read:
you will soon bring joy to someone.

i hope that's true. more good luck: when we got to IOTA the show was sold out and we asked the door man if allen clapp had already played and he said, "he just finished." and we walked out and there he was surrounded by a group of admirers. both allen and his wife, jill, were dolls and kevin was being SO funny and asked them to recreate the show in words. it was a laugh riot. anyways, we stole a traffic cone and were on our way home.

i checked my email, talked to a few kids on IM, jumped into bed and woke up at 9:30. i scuttled into the computer room again, connected, saw that NYC tix were on sale for the b&s show, bought 5 tix, then bob [lj=bchules] told me that the upper darby, pa show was on sale and i was like "shite". so i bought 3 tickets [me, laini, and owen - if he does indeed come over for a visit]. i called jen and left her a msg that i bought nyc tix. anyhow, i've gotta clean up my room before i work today.

if anyone in the dc area needs a ride to the ocean blue/barcelona/allen clapp/callow show at the ottobar in baltimore tomorrow night, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. i don't want to go by myself, because i have a history of falling asleep at the wheel! anyways, just IM me or sign this part of my journal and i'll check it when i get home from now! today. or maybe i will even check it at now!

bleep. i am so excited. i've been listening to belle and fucking sebastian all morning to celebrate!
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i keep thinking that he'll show up on my doorstop with a smile on his face and a "surprise!" from his lips. then i realise that i dream too much.