January 23rd, 2002

aquatic, the life

dream hours do not equal dream job

remember that time i said i was interviewing for a job with "dream hours"? yea. i remember that too. i got that job that i interviewed for. i like it. it is fun. sometimes. i am learning a lot about cats. however, i am exhausted when i get home from work and rarely do i go out anymore. this week i did a lot and my body is telling me nonono more. but i am going out again tonight to hump night. jeff glueslabs is djing. he is fun! so i am going.

spilt milk was fun last nite. there were a total of 5 boys there i used to had mad crushes on [niko, david, balki, tom, and ryan]. i had a lot of crushes last year, but to have them all in one room was a hoot. kind of like when i'm on IM and i end up talking to 5 people at once who i used to make out with. i said something to martin the other day how i was IMing with 2 other ppl i'd made out with and he was like "why do you always tell me when you're talking to other people you used to make out with?" and answered, "i don't know. i guess because it's funny and i think of you as a friend that i can tell things like that to now." blargh. well breakfast is here and after eating i'm off to worky. sighsigh.