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"and i miss those days; when the world would wait for us..."

"it's been a long time since we hung around;
together on the street.
and i miss those days;
when the world would wait for us.

with our crowd of friends,
we'd sit along the pavement near your house,
'til the sun came down,
and we brought the stars out."

-you're always going too soon (matthew jay)

one of the best things in the world is putting on an album that you've written off before hearing and having your socks knocked off. that is what happened with my boyfriend matthew jay. sike! i wish he was my boyfriend. his words are so pretty. this record is like a hybrid of nick drake + travis + mojave 3 [the best parts of each]. there are slow ballads and catchy singalongs. the lyrics are really good and earnest; he must be british. there's no address as to where to reach him in the disc, but in his thank yous, he says 'mum', so i make my assumptions. i've linked the webpage, but i haven't even looked at it yet, but i'm about to, since he's my pretty boy poster boy of september!

this week has been such an upside down one. since tuesday, i think everyone has started thinking more about the things that they are doing. i had a temp job on thursday + one on friday. on the metro in + on the way back on both days it was the strangest thing; people weren't buzzing. words were rationed and only spoken when important.

on thursday morning i saw a delta airlines pilot walking ahead of me towards the metro station. he stood up in the metro holding onto the silver bars for support. i couldn't help but watch him. it looked like his eyes were holding back tears. he got off at the national airport stop. i almost started crying. people are far more brave than they get credit for. it's so sad that it takes a tragedy like this to happen for the world to look at itself critically.

last night all the money made at bliss [international pop night] went to the red cross. my friend les djed too along with will alberque + will e. it was the best crowd ever at bliss and it just goes to show that people came out to support the cause. this gives me a newfound interest in dc.

i used to have a diaryland and this used to be there, but i decided to move all of my entries here.

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