December 2nd, 2001

aquatic, the life

"love, love is making me high and you're the apple of my eye..."

i was driving home from baltimore yesterday morning and i saw a sign hanging from an overpass that said, "DAWN - I Love You! Will You Marry Me? - Mike" and i nearly wrecked! GAH! that was completely insane. not to mention the fact that when i was departing from laini land a half hour before, i saw a billboard that had a picture of crushed eyeglasses and underneath it read, "elderly abuse. report any violations to 555-5555" = INSANITY. when niko came with me to baltimore to visit laini he said it's a different universe! i love that universe!

that is a whole lotta madness to happen in the span of a half hour. and when i got back to va, hung out with niko we went to eat at attila's, then to visit karyn at olssons and then to rainbow thrift [where i picked up some neato things for jeremiah]. i got some totally useless stuff [including this corny wooden xmas penguin stand which is now on a coffee table in the living room]. then we went to this sort of rummage sale type thing they are now having in clarendon every saturday from 8a-4p and wandered around. it was neato. niko and i talked about buying a booth for one of them and selling random things. i really wanna learn how to silk screen. i looked lovingly at the screens at pearl [where we went after we left good old arlington]. i ended up buying more things i don't really need, but i want so i can make something *secret*. :) ee. so this is a large paragraph and it ends now.

i think this is the fifth time i've listened to 'alaska days' in a row. poole were so great. gah. but who knows what their status is? puja told me something about them starting something new, but i can't remember exactly. rar. okay. now it is time to insert more groveling!

jeremiah + i got plane tix on my credit card and we're both broker than a joker and we're begging for yr help. i just set up a paypal acct that can receive donations from a bank acct or via credit card. if you could help finance my boyfriend's trip out here i will draw you a picture of a wide eyed tarsier and send it to you. please. pretty please, if you can help i've linked it below... nancy rules cos she helped. i heart nancy. i heart amelie too. gah. that movie is so great. i am going to craft.

i used to have a diaryland and this used to be there, but i decided to move all of my entries here.
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