November 27th, 2001

aquatic, the life

"and there's a guy...and he's washing windows; making ten bucks a pop..."

"and there's a guy
and he's washing windows;
making ten bucks a pop,
and he says to me:
HEY! you're part of it."

-american hearts (piebald)

that is not me washing windows, but i am working and getting paid ten bucks a pop [an hour]. to sit here in this chair and listen to the meeting in the conference room behind me wind on and on. temping can be fun. today is dull. there's a massive firewall keeping me from aim or msn messenger. bah. but i can still post to my beloved diaryland. which, btw, rules more than livejournal. i have been as bad as jeremiah...not posting in days + days and days. i think it's because there are so many things to say.

i went out to washington state to visit jeremiah [as mentioned in my previous two diaryland entries]. there is no way i could be more in love with him than i am. i think about him all the time. he is truly my 100% perfect boy. he just happens to live on the wrong side of the united states. if you've read my diaryland in the past you know how confused i've been over boys and how i've been treated in the past [a whole lotta jerks]. now i know exactly the boy i want and we're trying to get him out here (DC) to visit from the 26th of december until the 6th of january. plane tickets are really steep at that time of year [all the deals have been eaten up, of course], but he doesn't have a job and i do. however, i'm a dork and spend all my money on records and i am deeply in debt. etc, etc.

SO...i guess this is where you come in. if you're feeling the holiday spirit and have read our stories [lalaleigh + svenbjorn] of pining away for each other [yep, we met on zee internet] and feel touched or are in a similar relationship that worked out really peachy pie, or if you're a millionaire and you already have all the different george foreman lean mean grilling machines, then i was thinking you might maybe wanna donate a dollar or two to the 'get jeremiah to the right washington' fund'. if you have a paypal acct, you can donate to: lkelsey @ i'm not going to link it cos of those pesky email spiders. if you want to donate money, but don't have a paypal acct, donations are welcomed at my po box:

madflowr leigh
po box 30592
alexandria, va

thank you so very much.

psst. this is jeremiah, the boy of my dreams [aka the boy you're helping out]:

heck, even if only a total of $10 was donated, it would still be helping. we don't have a set goal. tickets are around the $300 range. boo. i will say if you donate $5 or more i'll send you the next two 'zines i do [which may take awhile but i guarantee to send them to you when they are done!]. erm. that's all. peas + carrots and all that. if you help out, then we're eternally grateful. please help send him over here for the xmas/new year's holiday!

ps. if anyone knows of an easier way to ask for donations [like a direct link thru paypal] email me and let me know. i scoured the paypal page forever and couldn't figure it out. i know andrew diaryland did it. and i donated $10 to him awhile back. now i'm scraped for cash and i'm trying to do the same thing. peas?

i used to have a diaryland and this used to be there, but i decided to move all of my entries here.
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