October 22nd, 2001

aquatic, the life

"sweater vests; no sleeves..."

"corduroys or jeans,
chinos or capris,
sweater vests; no sleeves,
oxford underneath.
whatever you need...
i mean whatever's gonna make you want me.

come dress me;
i'll be your mannequin."

-what's new for fall (desaparecidos)

jeremiah's got my heart in his pocket, but i'm allowed to crush on conor from bright eyes and desaparecidos, right? this single is oh so good and he is OH so cute. i can't wait for the full length.

i just went to wal-mart and dropped off some film for one hour development. let me just state that i abhor wal-mart with about all the hate that i can muster up. why did i go there? because i am smoking crack + no other place (around here) i know of does one hour developing until 9pm. err. so yes. i feel dirty now. dirty dirty dirty dirty.

the first person i see when i walk in was this boy named sc-iz-ott [name garbled to protect anonymity - si-iz-ike!] that i went to elementary, middle, and high school with and coincidentally, who i dislike. gah. he was there with his mom, who i remember as being really nice and i see him look in my direction, then say something to his mom and she looked over at me and that was when i ducked into the jeans section. and nothing - i mean nothing - is more dorky than being in the wal-mart jeans section...that is, except for the wal-mart shoes section. blargh.

i am waiting for these records to arrive in the mail:
julie doiron - desmorais
hayden - skyscraper national park
salteens - short term memories

yes. i am re-buying short term memories, because a few weeks back jen and i left a msg on terence's voicemail [it was a singing msg, mind you] asking for him to mail our cds back pretty please and i still haven't heard back from him. that is some forked up shite.

more forked up shite: lalalaini has made me sa sa sad. something had happened to her mother and she went to the hospital and i was really concerned because i didn't hear back from her, so i left 3 messages and didn't hear back from her at all. then, stupidly, i remember to look at her livejournal and she's been updating daily. it just really steams my soup that she couldn't pick up the phone to let me know she was okay; her mom was okay, ya know? i know she's been getting the messages, because her 'rents always give them to her. i guess i'm just letting all of this go because i have no idea why she's been so distant with me lately. apparently, it's been with other close friends too... laini and i get along so well when we hang out, but now that i'm getting all psycho and analyzing things, she never calls me out of the blue anymore. she never calls me anymore. it's always me calling her. it feels really one sided. it feels kind of like i've been cast aside in lieu of better friends or something. spill spill. i love laini more than i love most people on earth. i guess it feels like i've got no love from her lately.

i hate feeling sorry for myself, but right now i am because jeremiah is in the wrong washington and i'm really only hanging out with jen + karyn these days. i miss lalalaini l0ve + i miss brad [i am convinced that i'll never stop missing his friendship]. i went to see serendipity by myself on thursday, because jeremiah and i were going to see it together, but we're not sure it will still be playing when i go out there...so we're seeing it separately.

well my film is supposed to be ready at 8:54 and now it is 8:57. i'm going to get it and see what was on the 2 rolls.

that is super happy fun time.

countdown until i go to washington to meet jeremiah = 17 days.

i used to have a diaryland and this used to be there, but i decided to move all of my entries here.
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