July 24th, 2001

aquatic, the life

"and the people you love are just so far away..."

"suddenly everything fell out of place
you burned all your bridges
cos you grew up too late
and the people you love
are just so far away...
when yr drifting..."

-when you're drifting (mojave 3)

lying in the tub
soaking to the sounds of mojave 3
eating parmesan noodles
and drinking pink lemonade
missing phone calls
and letting it all sink in

it feels really good to read something that is hardcover again. after an outing to the library yesterday i chose heavy water by martin amis. a friend suggested i get the rachel papers by the same author, but the library didn't have that. so i got this book of short stories. it's really quite good. i'm on the second one. very interesting. as much as i love silly romance novels a la bridget jones, i'm glad i'm taking a little break from that. again, i'm going to ask if anyone has any suggestions for what i should read, as i'm on a roll!

email me saying what i should read and why i should read it, plz. i'll be ever so grateful. mm. but right now i think i'm going to be ever so dorky and go watch sex and the city (season 2) vol. 1. i'm hooked. and i started writing a song today. i wonder how this will go; if it goes through. i don't know if i can be in a band with a boy i'm hopelessly smitten over [esp with that whole bit about really disliking his gf - or the idea that he has a gf].

i used to have a diaryland and this used to be there, but i decided to move all of my entries here.
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