June 24th, 2001

aquatic, the life

"three moons for a sun; alone thinking of someone..."

"three moons for a sun;
alone thinking of someone.
three years in a day,
and what's not solid...washes away..."

-texas (currituck county)

interesting. two marks in one day. i dunno how much of that i could handle. only one mark was ridiculously cute and was actually listening to what i had to say. i want my very own lucksmith! grr. last night mark lucksmiths came out to bliss with jimmy matinee. cute boys dancing = the best! blah. this is rather mindless, as i'm sitting here listening to this currituck county cd. it's really fecking good. nice laid back stuff. and kevin is quite a looker. plus he was nice. i met him today + he gave me this.

karyn/karin/karun/karen/karan wants to hear kruder + dorfmeister, but i don't want to listen to it!!! no i don't! we're going out soon anyways, so i figure maybe it won't kill me. we'll see. i am eating chicken nuggets. mm. yay for chicken nuggets.

yay for the lucksmiths. today they played "guess how much i love you" which was AMAZING! they didn't play it last night at signal 66, so to hear it at now! today was amazing! the turn out was realllllly impressive and a lot of my friends came out. a good time. yes. and drew wins the asshole of the year award. or something? :) i just got off the phone about 20 minutes ago with mike turner [oh yes your best friend from our lady peace]. he is such a nice guy. too bad his band just did a song for the WWF soundtrack. wtf? what is up. i am up. i am down.

tonight is true love always at the galaxy hut. pop songs. have i ODed on pop music? hmm. we shall see. seeing them twice in one day. i dunno. again, we shall see. gah! this is the most incoherent diaryland that i have done so far.

in summary:
1) boys named mark are good.
2) boys named mark are bad.
3) to clarify, boys named mark from australia are good.
4) niko is bad only when his gf is around.
5) niko is, like, 10.
6) jennifer wants to know if i got some good booty last night...which i did NOT.
7) lucksmiths = very very good.
8) bringing popstars to yum's is good.
9) chicken nuggets = good.
10) chicken nuggets = boys named mark.


i used to have a diaryland and this used to be there, but i decided to move all of my entries here.
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