June 22nd, 2001

aquatic, the life

"if seeing is believing...i believe in you..."

"if seeing is believing,
i believe in you.
just say the word and i'll be there..."

-everybody loves you (the candyskins)

the candyskins...whatever happened to them? i really liked their tunes. they weren't the most unique sounding band, but they did write some beautiful pop songs. this song is great. today was pretty good; not great. i hate feeling jealousy. i wish there was some little button i could press and turn it off. wax was a whole lot of fun. i don't give a shit if people are like, "oh. it's just like any other indie dance night." no! it's a lot of fun. good mix of tunes. i hope it takes off now that it is at metro.

mm. you can never have enough dance nights. this weekend is mania. gah! i am starting two tapes right now. possibly three. i'm totally in a tape making mood. i want to work on them all night, however i have to work at 9. not fun. tired. hmm. i do have a tape deck at work tho. today i got paid and played gameboy advance for an hour. btw, it really *is* as excellent as they advertise it is.

ooh. breaking breaking diary news. i got my plane ticket to chicago. well...i purchased it. this is a funny joke because two diarylands ago i was ranting about being ridiculously poor. which is still true. this just shows how insane i am. gah! whatev. it will so be worth it. maybe i should beg on the street corner. i have a bugbite on my side. :/

i used to have a diaryland and this used to be there, but i decided to move all of my entries here.
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