May 14th, 2001

aquatic, the life

"have i held out for something that is never gonna happen?"

"have i held out for something
that is never gonna happen?

it's not me that you love."

-one night is not enough (snow patrol)

this is a really, really good song. and i know that it will wind up on a mixtape i'm making somewhere down the line.

it is late. last night i went out to see the luzin defense. it was good. i went with a boy off moc. he was very nice + cute + tall. and as always, i'm left wondering how boys perceive me. today i actually dressed up a wee bit. wore a nice top instead of a band tee [god forbid]. this week was all non-stop for me. tuesday was sigur ros in nyc, wednesday was rainer maria in baltimore. thursday was my bday celebration @ honolulu restaurant. yumyum! friday i worked + then hit up the mousetrap @ black cat. saturday was the q + not u house show @ perfect stephen's house. + tonight i went to see that movie. wow. non-frakking-stop!

phew..for a minute there. looks as though i may go see black rebel motorcycle club in philly on wednesday. it's 21+ tho. ;/ sad sad. if yr going to the show, i may be up there during the day so IM me ahead of time if you wanna go record shopping. spaceboy! drooly drool. terence is 21 now so he can come. this makes leigh one happy girl. make-out party #3 is all set up. i made the flier + xeroxed on saturday night. the parlour scouts, lefty's deceiver, the echo orbiter, tandem, + phaser [in that order] are playing. yum in the tum!

niko came to my bday party + then the next night i saw him @ mousetrap. he was, of course, there with his mouse of a girlfriend. i don't know what it is, but there's something there underneath the surface there...there are certain times i feel like he's into me, but he's confused because he's with lynn. like when i dropped him off after my party. i wanted to kiss him. he leaned over from the passenger seat to the driver seat and wrapped his arms around me and i just let it soak in for that brief moment. in that moment, i wanted to kiss him + i didn't think about what the consequences of that would be. would he hate me for doing it? or would he realise that she's the wrong girl for him? would the kiss be good? would some spark ignite inside him? i do not know the answers to these questions. i know that i need kissing + i know that i need it bad. kissing applicants, email me yr resume asap.

i used to have a diaryland and this used to be there, but i decided to move all of my entries here.
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