May 3rd, 2001

aquatic, the life

"cheap sex and sad films help me get where i belong..."

a spider just crawled across my keyboard and i seriously freaked out. now i have *no* idea where it is. gah! i am barefoot + wearing a tank top. this invites scary thoughts into my brain. plz go away spider! at one point in time i was in control of this phobia and i could get a cup and a piece of cardboard and capture a spider and bring it outside and free it. recently though, my arachnophobia is back. apparently it is spider season, so they are *EVERYWHERE* in my house. i've been calling mum + dad to remove these spiders by lethal forces. i don't really *want* them to get killed, but i really don't want them in my room. so if they end up dead, i don't weep over them. do animal rights activists heart spiders?

last night, the promise ring was good. they were not as good as the time i saw them at the ottobar with dany. i came close to freaking out last night when i heard from itai [who i had not seen in over a year] that dany was supposed to be there last night. that would *not* have been a good scene. and wierder still, i saw this girl dana who i had not seen since i took swing dancing lessons (about 2 years ago now). she was pretty good friends with sean, the only boy i was ever completely in love with. so last night i saw dana and it was just wierd. i don't know. because i met her through sean. so it's always wierd when i see her now. i miss old things more than i probably should.

christina is coming over and maybe she will help find the spider. i've got to clean my room. i just painted my toenails pink. it's summer.

i used to have a diaryland and this used to be there, but i decided to move all of my entries here.
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