April 5th, 2001

aquatic, the life

"tonight, i'm losing control..."

tonight, i'm screaming like an animal,
tonight, i'm losing control,
tonight, i'm screaming like an animal,
tonight, oh, i'm getting so low..."

-all i want (the cure)

mm. the cure is good music for right now. let me just say how much i lalalove laini. she wrote me this email tonight:
i have not talked to you and it makes me sad
probably because you are so rad
i didn't even tell you about mogwai
it was so lovely i wanted to cry!
we're never online at the same time
so i'm sending you a poem that rhymes
hopefully i'll talk to you before i go to bed
on saturday do you want to go see blonde redhead?

how awesome is that!? how can i say no when the invitiation is in rhyme? tonight was a lot of fun. christina, eran, + i went to see longwave at the velvet lounge. martin was there. it's always a wee bit wierd seeing him cos he's an ex and it always feels wierd seeing an ex. he's still in shape. we hugged and he actually kissed me on the cheek. hah! it's funny that the only smooches i'm getting these days are ones from ex boyfriends. bah!

longwave were fantastic as usual. they've got some new stuff that i have not made my mind up about yet tho. i think i like it. the second band was really good. the name really threw me off. lefty's deceiver. before the show, i was like "man...i don't know if i'm going to want to stay..." little did i know. christina, mimi, and i rocked out to them. i even got to do the emo dance. anyways, i asked them to play make-out party number three. la dee da. we shall see. i am tired. yee yee yee.

i used to have a diaryland and this used to be there, but i decided to move all of my entries here.
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