March 15th, 2001

aquatic, the life

"oh, you miss me, miss you've got to kiss me, kiss me goodbye..."

"oh, you miss me,
miss me;
now you've got to kiss me,
kiss me goodbye..."

-i am the cancer (sloan)

tonight, we'll see what happens. maybe horn rimmed glasses boy will be at this thing; wax. i know i will. cactus patch are playing at the 9:30 club, so i'm going their first. they got added to the bill a few days ago, after the show had already sold out. interesting.

i need to buy sloan - smeared. right now i am borrowing karyn's copy and wearing it down. i listened to it on the way to school this morning. they are definitely up there on my list of singalong bands. i should really start a list of those. today i found and i can't believe i hadn't seen it earlier. it's fuckin' brill. it's inspired me to get back on the ball with my 'zine, which has been on hold, due to lack of submissions.

my new 'zine is called make-out party and really that's all it's about: making out. if you have make-out stories, poetry, drawings, collages, photographs, etc. that are PG-13 or below, get in contact with me asap. the 'zine will contain your submissions as well as interviews with bands [that at least mention making out]. so far i've interviewed: julie doiron, muse, + the ivory coast.

submissions do not have to be entirely about making out. as long as making out is at least mentioned in yr story, that's all i need. eventually, the 'zine will come out in paper format, but it will also be up online [when it's sort of done] at anyways, get in touch. please. you can even IM me: madflowr.

i used to have a diaryland and this used to be there, but i decided to move all of my entries here.
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