March 9th, 2001

aquatic, the life

"buying records won't make me feel better faster..."

1) the aislers set - attraction action reaction b/w clouds will clear 7"
2) the and/ors - will self-destruct cd
3) cinnamon - vertigo lp
4) curve - cuckoo cd
5) future pilot aka - darshan b/w om namah shivaya 7"
6) the get up kids - loveteller 7"
7) theilivethelifeofamoviestarsecrethideout - autumngirlarchershorsemenbringarrows cd
8) international airport - s/t cd
9) the promise ring - electric pink cd ep
10) red stars theory - s/t cd ep
11) reggie and the full effect/koufax split 7
12) secret shine - after years 7" (sarah records 53)
13) secret shine - loveblind 7" (sarah records 71)
14) the shermans - in technicolour cd
15) sigur ros - agaetis byrjun lp

i bought these last week [some at now! music & fashion and some at the sound garden and a couple off someone on the indie pop list]. plus, i just place an order with clairecords for:

Masters of the Hemisphere s/t CD
McCarthy - Get a Knife Between Your Teeth 12"
McCarthy - At War 12"
Ropers, The All the Time LP
Sloan Don't You Believe a Word CDs
Southpacific 33 CD
V/A - Pretty in Pop CD

what is *wrong* with me? spending all my money on records... bah :)

i used to have a diaryland and this used to be there, but i decided to move all of my entries here.
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