September 7th, 2000

aquatic, the life

"it's you..."

i use napster so infrequently and i really don't know why that is. i really should use it more so that i can hear stuff by bands that i've heard about from friends. right now i'm downloading 2 piebald songs [american hearts, you shook me all night long (live)], another sigur ros song [vidrar ver til loftarasa], a slowdive song [souvlaki space station], and a few more.

i really want to get more stuff by hood, kind of like spitting, and the orchids right now. just 'cos i've been meaning to...speaking of meaning to. i'd been meaning to call mike and let him know that i think i'm over him. i thought i saw him at travis on tuesday night, but i wasn't sure. i actually went upstairs to see if it was him and i couldn't tell. no biggie.

sigur ros...i know i need to hear more stuff by them. benedikte is always right about bands i would like. she recommended sister sonny, mogwai [ages ago], corvine, and sigur ros. the only band that i love and she hates is space, which i don't understand! hee!

i dunno why i'm using so many hee's. tonight i accomplished nothing. i woke up at 3:30 in the afternoon. i didn't watch the talented mr. ripley for class tomorrow [i've already seen it a couple of times]. plus, d. was offline + sick. and i really miss him. and i want to talk to him right now more than anyone, but his away message is "sick..." *sigh* long day ahead of me tomorrow. and i have to figure out how to tell tha rents that i'm buying a plane ticket to chicago and staying with a certain someone. le sigh.

i used to have a diaryland and this used to be there, but i decided to move all of my entries here.