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"this is not where you'll always be. someone, somewhere will always sing the words you need..."

"all the hip kids wail in the cold,
making out to the dying sounds of this town's dying soul.

put on your punk belt and rock it,
for all the square cools,
out of touch, but within reach.
this is not where you'll always be.
someone; somewhere will always sing the words you need."

-covered with hair (juno)

last night my friends mimi + miguel and i successfully debuted ROCKcandy; the newest indie dance night in the DC area. we did it at dr. dremos in arlington and the turn out was surprising to the three of us! we had a great time + people came out that i've never seen! it was fantastic and fun and i had a few too many mike's hard lemonades, but now that is all okay.

i'm really overjoyed at last night going as smoothly as it did. mm. and i am going to post my set list from the two sets i djed here. right now i am just going to write the band names, because i will fill in the blanks later. i'm late to work + juno are playing today in-store! yay!

first set
neu! -
hood -
international airport - icerink
la buena vida -
darren hanlon - she cuts hair
candyskins - wembley
death cab for cutie - photobooth
rocketship - i'm lost without you here
nick heyward - my heavy metal
built to spill - car
ladytron - another breakfast with you
snow patrol - last ever lone gunman
baxendale - electric trains
le mans - cancion de todo
morrissey - moon river

second set
t rex - jeepster
os mutantes - bat macumba
clinic - d.t.
the rapture -
grandaddy - the crystal lake
poole - car
super furry animals - rings around the world
birdie - folk singer
club 8 - missing you
my bloody valentine - soon
pixies - la la love you
echo and the bunnymen - killing moon
ropers - you have a light
james - born of frustration
metropolitan - slide rule

okay. i'll fill the few blanks in later. i figured i would just type it all up since it was right in front of me. yay. juno in the store today. juno in the store today. maybe i'll be able to pay more attention to them today and tonight [at fletcher's]. mm. yay + the plan tonight too. how exciting! rar! ps where was foldskool at the plan show on thursday? the dismemberment plan weren't as good because they lacked his mad dancing skillz. huzzah!

i used to have a diaryland and this used to be there, but i decided to move all of my entries here.

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